It’s getting hot in here.

It’s so scorching hot that I simply had to write this post in my under garments . Well , not really , however I am merely in a pair of gym shorts . Summer weather is upon us in full force this weekend . Intending to plug in a couple speakers and then perch out on the back deck , Barbeque some pizzas and just indulge in a bit of music .

In light of my preceding post relating to local music , I have at last went out and purchased the brand new Rustic Overtones album . It’s titled Let’s Start A Cult and upon the initial several listens it appears to be very good . For anyone who is curious take a trip HERE and sample it out on Spotify . Wednesday evening the boys performed a show at Bull Moose . As usual I had to work , as a result I failed to see it , nevertheless I have been told it turned out to be quite the crowd . I imagine you should count on that for perhaps Maine’s most popular band . I continue to feel that New Way Out is my personal favorite . I’ll really need to con my better half to stay out and see these guys perform some of the new stuff in the near future !

An excellent band I stumbled onto this week , The Lumineers . I’ve been spinning ( does Spotify spin ? ) there self-titled album somewhat heavily the past several days . They are based out of Denver , Colorodo and seem to remind me of somebody totally different each time I listen to them . Artists I’ve of while listening include Mumford & Sons , the Avett Brothers , Bob Dylan , Bright Eyes , and Sufjan Stevens . Each and every one of these are my favorites and so that must be exactly why I’ve fallen so hard for them . You ought to check them out on Spotify right  HERE.


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