KidAJoe’s Music Challenge – a song from a band you hate

I haven’t  done a topic off the KidAJoe Music Challenge in a while, so I thought I would do one today.  I had my lovely wife pick one and she picked “a song from a band you hate”.    There are lots of band I hate, Linkin Park, Creed, Puddle of Mud….I certainly could go on.  Finding a song by an artist I hate will be really easy.

I guess I’ll start with my wife’s favorite artist Britney Spears.  This song (pretty shamefully) is one I like (some what anyway).  This actually will come as quite a surprise to her.  I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know that I like even one song by Miss Spears.  Today actually is the first time I’ve listened to this song in years.  So the song is Outrageous from the album In The Zone.   You can be tortured by the video below.   As with any Britney Spears video I suggest hitting the mute button before pushing play.

Next is a band I possibly hate more than any other band on earth.  (No Olaf it is not 311)  It is Nickelback.   If you want to get some sort of information out of me, tie me up and play some Nickelback, I will promptly tell you everything you want to know.    Actually all you would have to is threaten to play something and I would cave.  I wish this crap on only my worst enemies.   Here is a song that I brought up on youtube only long enough to copy the URL.  Please do not enjoy.

Just for the record it kill me to put these two even on my blog.  I might have to light myself on fire now.


4 thoughts on “KidAJoe’s Music Challenge – a song from a band you hate

  1. It may surprise some and some may disagree but I cannot stand Van Halen. I think it was the constant radio time their songs had in the 80’s and 90’s. I will admit that every time I hear David Lee Roth’s voice on the radio, I would happily switch it to Britney any day!

  2. Nothing is worse than Lee Greenwood’s jingoistic and nationalistic “Proud to be an American”. First, “Proud to be an American, WHERE at least I can free”. Huh? Where is AmeriCAN? Greenwood’s tenuous grasp of the English language is annoying. “Where at LEAST I can be free?” So in other words, our country really sucks but at least I have my freedom? I don’t get this lyric. I also hate to break it to him, but there are other countries at least as “free” as the U.S. We have more prisons and lock up more people for petty crimes than most other countries put together. That doesn’t sound like a very free country to me. “Our flag stands for freedom”. Not exactly. The flag was designed to represent states that are united under a federal government that is free from British rule and intervention. Then there’s all the bit about how he “would” defend and fight for his country if he had to do so. Well, there was nothing holding him back from going to Vietnam. He asked for and received a family hardship because he had small children when it was time for him to be drafted. Many fathers did not seek this way out and faught anyway. But not Greenwood. He’s not exactly a Super Patriot who truly wanted to fight for his country when he had the chance. And then there’s the worn out and meaningless “God Bless the USA”. If there is a God, I doubt he chooses sides. Listen to Bob Dylan’s “With God on Our Side” or Woodie Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land (originally titled “Did God Bless America for Me?”).

  3. I really dislike Nickelback as well. Almost every song by them makes me cringe. But, for some reason, I do enjoy their song “Far Away”. My addition to your mix is “Lips of an Angel” by Hinder. Can’t stand Hinder & really exceptionally can’t stand this song!

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