The very first mixtape in my journey…

Back in the fall of 1994, I was  just a normal kid.  I’d been caught the previous summer sneaking out late at night with alcohol in a buddies back pack.  I’d stolen cigarettes from my Grampy’s camper.  You know, I wanted to be cool.  Well growing up I loved music.  Only I loved the music that was given to me, like the stuff played on the radio or MTV (and bluegrass festivals, but that’s another story).

Then my Obi-won Kenobi came into my life.  He taught me that there was more music out there to be discovered.  He went on to make me several mix tapes.  I was introduced to Type O Negative, the Ramones, Matthew Sweet and Suicidal Tendencies amongst many others.  And so started my journey into the larger world of music (and art for that matter).

The person I am talking about is my dear friend Chauncey.  He’s commented here a bunch of times and is always one person I can count on to add a song or two to our collaborative mixtapes we make here.   We met when I was a little sophomore and he was a big senior.  I had to listen to him back then, because he was so much older and wiser!  (ROFL)   Really he is only like a year or so older than me, but you know how it seems when you are in high school.  Anyway, he was a big influence for me and am lucky to say we remain good friends to this day.

So to celebrate my bud, I wanted to do two things.  First as you can see below is the insert to the very first mixtape the Chauncey ever made for me.  As you can see it is a metal mix, he still is very into the metal scene (although you wouldn’t know it by looking at him, let’s just say family man!)  Here is a link to the Spotify version of the mix.  It is a little different because of certain albums and tracks not being available.  In addition I would like to start a new metal themed mixtape for us all.  Please pick 1-3 songs to add from any metal artist.  You can post you songs here in the comments and/or add the songs to the Spotify playlist.   I’ll post a list all songs and link to the playlist underneath the image below.

This mixtape is called All Mixed Up in 2012, Vol. 7 – Cast Iron Pans

So are our mix looks like this:

  1. Kill all the White People by Type O Negative from the album Bloody Kisses added by KidAJoe
  2. War Ensemble by Slayer from the album Season of the Abyss added by KidAJoe
  3. Mermaid by Amorphis from the album The Beginning of Time added by Chauncey B.
  4. Beat the Bastards by Accept from the album Blood of the Nations added by Chauncey B.
  5. Give A Little by Overkill from the album Ironbound added by Chauncey B.

10 thoughts on “The very first mixtape in my journey…

  1. Oh my god. I can’t believe you still have that thing. I’m flattered and embarassed at the same time. I stand by the music selection but I’m pretty emarassed about the artwork. I used to love making mixed tapes for you. You always seemed so eager to listen to something new. It’s hard to give you only three(I think I should have special privleges and list as many as I want haha) but here it goes.
    1. Mermaid by Amorphis from the album The Beginning of Times
    2. Beat the Bastards by Accept from the album Blood of the Nations
    3. Give A Little by Overkill from the album Ironbound

    Joe, your selections were exellent by the way.

    1. Don’t be embarrassed! We were kids, we both are much more mature than that now….well maybe you are….lol.
      Anyway, I was actually hoping you would add more songs to the Spotify version of the original mixtape made for me. The link is right in the post. Please add as many song to it as you want. Who know maybe the new songs you add will be subject of a future blog post!

  2. No, I’m not sophisiticated enough to enjoy it. That’s true. Suprised to see Rush on the list thought. I never really thought of Rush as metal. Not only are they talented musicians but they are good songwriters as well.

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