Surprise, Surprise!

What a crazy couple week it has been!  They were amazing regardless of how jam packed they may have been.  I have three more weeks left of summer session at USM, and thus far have been rocking that.  I am still working full time (as well as another part time thing that came up.)

To top it all off last weekend we had a “Reception BBQ” to celebrate getting married.  You may remember me mentioning that we did a destination wedding in Key West last February.  As a result all our friends and family missed out on the occasion.  So to make up for it we threw a summer BBQ.   It was an amazing day!  75+ family and friends came to the BBQ.  We had people come in from Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland,  New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  For the first time ever all my biological father’s kids were in the same place (along with dad) made the day a bit more special.

One of the many things we did to get ready was to create a music playlist for the event.  As some could imagine a playlist made up by both my wife and myself was quite interesting.  My wife had the likes of Tim McGraw, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Adele in the list.  I tried to make my selections as crowd friendly as possible.  I had artists such as White Stripes, Radiohead, Fruit Bats and the Fiery Furnaces.  It was quite strange to hear the music transition form her picks to my picks and vice versa.  If you’d like to hear our eclectic playlist you can find it here on spotify.

So if you are a Mumford and Sons fan you probably have heard about the latest tour.  For those who haven’t the following is a basic rundown.   The Gentlemen of the Road tour consist of 6 “stopovers” or dates.  The locations of each show are in rather unique cities, two in Europe and 4 in the states.    The cool part of the tour is that all the promotion of the tour and all the food and vendors will be done completely by locals.  In addition to a day full of music, there will be a bunch of different after parties at local venues throughout the host city.  The festivals are scheduled to end at 9 pm to support these addition events.   The boys from Mumford are rumored to want to hit the bars and pubs after each show to celebrate each city.

So the reason I mention this show is because my wife surprised me with tickets as part of a wedding gift this past Saturday.  I had refrained from buying tickets only because I have spent so much money lately on other shows as well as records.   It was a very pleasant surprise to say the least and I can not wait! So this Saturday I will be enjoying the music of 8 bands with my wife and a good friend of mine.  I’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures and return to write about the day.



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