Crow’s Favorite Albums for 2013

Sorry for the delay…70 hours work weeks get old!  Here is my buddy Andy’s top albums for 2013.

1) Dream Theater – Dream Theater   –  I have gotten into prog metal in the last few years and this album shows just how good they are.   Dream Theater still puts out amazing albums
2) Neil Young – Live at the Cellar Door –  This album is pretty cool and of coarse a live album.  I dont know if the album was recorded in 2013 but it was released in 2013 .

3) La Yo Tengo –  Fade –  A indie rock band from Hoboken, New Jersey which I have love for a long time.  I was listening to them back in high school before I got into punk rock.

4) Deicide –  In the Minds of Evil  –  A Death Metal band that is right up there with Cannibal Corpse who paved the way for America Death Metal bands.   This album starts off kind of thrash metal and by half way its pure death metal.

5) MGMT – MGMT – Another great album by indie band.  Its not my favorite MGMT album but Its good if I am in the mood to listen to it.

6) Bad Religion – Christmas Songs –  Traditional Christmas songs

played punk .

7)  Steven Wilson – The Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories)   Porcupine Tree are one of my favorites and Steve’s solo work is amazing.

8) Suicidal Tendencies – 13 –  I am surprised you didn’t pick this one.  Pretty solid album.

9) Yeah Yeah Yeahs  – Mosquito –  I also agree that this album is great to see Yeah Yeah Yeahs more back to there roots.  I was not impressed with much of there electric period.

10) Iron & Wine – Ghost on Ghost – Just recently started to listen to this album and like it.

11) Christopher Lee – Charlemagne: The Omens of Death – That’s Correct the Actor from Lord Of the Rings Movies plays  Heavy Metal. Should I mention he is the oldest to play this form of music (91 years old).

12) Black Sabbath – 13 –  I am very surprised this did not make anyone list.  How could this be missed.  This album is a true master piece with Sabbath returning to there dark sound.


One thought on “Crow’s Favorite Albums for 2013

  1. Yo La Tengo Fade is good. That was on my turntable for a long time. The Neil Young Live at the Cellar Door is from 1970, I believe. Another archival release. He recorded almost every time he picked up a guitar so the archive of yet to be released stuff is huge. Most of those songs were works in progress and had yet to be released. There is an even better live album from 1968 called Sugar Mountain that was released in the last 5 years or so. He is really, really funny on that one. He’s got lots of great stories and his performance with just him and his guitar is one of the best I have ever heard. Live at Massey Hall 1971 is a good one too. LIve at the Fimore with Crazy Horse is a must have. Then there is Rust Never Sleeps. Two different version of this exist. Both are great.

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