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It’s getting hot in here.

It’s so scorching hot that I simply had to write this post in my under garments . Well , not really , however I am merely in a pair of gym shorts . Summer weather is upon us in full force this weekend . Intending to plug in a couple speakers and then perch out on the back deck , Barbeque some pizzas and just indulge in a bit of music .

In light of my preceding post relating to local music , I have at last went out and purchased the brand new Rustic Overtones album . It’s titled Let’s Start A Cult and upon the initial several listens it appears to be very good . For anyone who is curious take a trip HERE and sample it out on Spotify . Wednesday evening the boys performed a show at Bull Moose . As usual I had to work , as a result I failed to see it , nevertheless I have been told it turned out to be quite the crowd . I imagine you should count on that for perhaps Maine’s most popular band . I continue to feel that New Way Out is my personal favorite . I’ll really need to con my better half to stay out and see these guys perform some of the new stuff in the near future !

An excellent band I stumbled onto this week , The Lumineers . I’ve been spinning ( does Spotify spin ? ) there self-titled album somewhat heavily the past several days . They are based out of Denver , Colorodo and seem to remind me of somebody totally different each time I listen to them . Artists I’ve of while listening include Mumford & Sons , the Avett Brothers , Bob Dylan , Bright Eyes , and Sufjan Stevens . Each and every one of these are my favorites and so that must be exactly why I’ve fallen so hard for them . You ought to check them out on Spotify right  HERE.


358 days until Record Store Day 2013!

Yes, the count is already on!  I can’t wait.  I guess I could count down until RSD’s Black Friday event, but I hate Black Friday!

That being said we all should remember that although Record Store Day is a great reason to head out to your local record store, we need to keep it up the rest of there year also!  Record store cannot survive with one day a year!  I know that I am a big promoter of services such as spotify, but I also go out and buy records and CD’s.  This doesn’t mean you have to start a vinyl collection though or that you have to buy absolutely everything on CD.   It would be nice to support a local business while helping support something many of us hold near and dear!

There is nothing like the experience of hanging out in a music store.  Interacting with others who love music is one of my favorite part of it.  It never fails what someone will suggest to you on any given day.

So I mentioned previously what I took home from RSD this year.  I am not going to get a little more detailed about what I got and what I thought about them now that I’ve had a little bit of time to adsorb them.   I will only include the first item in this post, and will try to post at least one item I either bought or got free each day for the next however many days.  I might take a day off here and there or interject other post of coarse.

So this first thing I actually listened to was the new RSD Coachella sampler.  When I left Bull Moose it was the easiest to access (being already open) and one I was interested in because I had watched so much of the festival the week before.   This sampler features artists on this years Coachella Festival in Indio, CA.   This is one of the many free item I picked up.  It contains a 17 track CD as well as 32 page book (cover pictured above).  The book has interviews with the 17 artist featured on the sampler.  To listen this sampler go to my Tumblr playlist page.

Check out the track listing above.  Over all this compilation was pretty solid.  I really only knew three of the bands really well. (The Black Keys, The Shins and Florence + the Machine)  After that I really knew very little about the rest of the musicians on this disc.  That’s not saying I hadn’t heard of them, but I certainly wouldn’t have been able to recognize them with you the linear notes.   With the exception of the Kaiser Chiefs and Swedish House Mafia I really enjoyed this disc.  I will definitely be looking more into Justice, We are Augustines and Band of Skulls.  (I already have Andrew Bird in my Spotify playlist queue).  One thing I do think is a bit silly about this compilation is that it comes during or (in the case last year) after the event actually happens.  So if you like the a bunch of the artist and want to go to the festival it’s already to late.

One other little tidbit for you, Record Store Day is actually celebrated at Coachella.  At the Zia Tent on the 21st they had many of the same RSD exclusives and actually even a few Coachella exclusives.  At The Drive-In’s Vaya EP was available on colored vinyl  and Ximena Sarinana also released a Coachella only 7 inch vinyl.  More exclusives were mentioned but upon searching the web I have yet to determine what they were.

RSD 2012 Love

What a cool day! I would have to say this has been the best one so far! Hold on, I’m gonna go back and read my previous post to refresh what I’ve told you so far.  If you haven’t read that post you can find it here.  (I’d suggest doing so, I may refer to some of those moments)

You back yet?  Alright, I’ll wait…you read way to slow.

Anyway…It was an awesome day, I did edit and add a few thing to the last post.  It now includes some more specific details about things during the first part of that day.  One thing I didn’t mention was the chaos that ensues in the first half hour after the doors open.  It’s much like what you all picture when you think about black friday.  Well, not violence, but chaos of everyone trying to get in and get the records you are looking for.  I actually have read (and heard about) case of people going into store later in the day and being disappointed to not find what they wanted to get.  One thing to note for those people, if you want to get the release you want, GET THERE EARLY!  Some are gone in the first minutes, while other quickly disappear though out the morning.  By noon things are pretty picked over.

Of coarse I mentioned I went to Bull Moose Scarborough to start the day, what I forgot to mention was that after that initial purchase, I went over to Newbury Comics in South Portland.  Bull Moose really didn’t have much of a selection of free stuff at the time.  Lucky for me Newbury Comics did.  I picked up 90% of the free stuff there.  Another thing I noticed while browsing around the RSD stuff was that 45 minutes after opening there store they still had like a dozen White Stripe vinyl.  I was temped to pick up another for resale but resisted the urge to be greedy.

So after the trip to both Bull Moose and Newbury Comics, I headed home to drop off my stuff and grab a bite to eat.  This is when I wrote that last post (hastily too I might add).  I had enough time to actually had time to play most my new vinyl too!

I wanted to be back at Newbury Comic by noon to see The Mallet Brother’s in-store performance, but ended up running a little late.  I did get to catch about five songs.   They were amazing!  I will make sure to see them again as soon as possible!  Below is the video of the performance of one of the songs they played.  The first few seconds are missing because I accidentally hit my record button twice and had to scramble to get it recording again.   If you like these guys you can find them via there webpage or facebook.  Here is the video, some one will have to help me with the song title.

I actually got to talk to Will Mallet and and very briefly Nate Soule.  They seemed pretty good outgoing guys.  I asked for permission to post the video here.  They were really cool with it asking only that I post a link to it on one of there pages.   In the process of talking to these guys I was introduced to Mark Cudo from WCYY.  It’s kind of funny in the moment I didn’t realize who I was talking to.  I handed him a flyer for my blog and chatted with him a while.  He is the host of a really cool show called Spin Out.   Spin Out is a awesome show because its all about local music.  Mark is really into the local music scene not only with his show but out promoting bands, shows and trying to get local bands a fair shake.  I handed all these guys my blog.  I would be more that honored if any of them visited.  At Bull Moose Mark introduced me to someone from WBLM, but I think I kind of was a bonehead there too.

So I’m going to cut this post short here.  I will add one more post for Record Store Day with a complete detailed list of everything I picked up.  I will also tell you about my new idea called “Used Record Store Day” and how I came up with that.

Arrow in my Heart

I’m still slowly working on the last mixtape.  If you missed it go check it out, I’m a self made man.  As I mentioned already once before there were a lot of great artists suggested and few of which I completely fell in love with.  I figured I would slowly share these new loves with you.

The first came from a suggestion that Andrea C. gave me.  She actually suggested 3 bands, Heartless Bastards, Band of Skulls, and Monsters of Folk.  I picked the one band I had never heard of to check out for the mixtape.

The Heartless Bastards hail from Cincinnati, Ohio.  They mix a blend of blues and garage rock.  The lead singer, Erika Wennerstrom, has very strong vocals, and probably can be considered the driving force behind the band.  The following video is Got to Have Rock n Roll from their latest album Arrow.  It is a live performance from the Late Show with David Letterman shortly after the release of the album.

I read on their wikipedia page that they had been compared to The Black Keys.  For some reason that came as some surprise to me, but upon further listening I could definitely hear the Keys playing some of these songs.  This next video is actually 2 songs, one I’m not sure of the title of (still learning)  and the second is Runnin from their first album Stairs and Elevators.  They are both done acoustically by Erika by herself and are broken up my a little interview session done by some fans.

Great stuff in my opinion, I can’t wait to dig a little deeper.  So far I’ve only listened to the latest album, it will be interesting to see what the older one have in store for me.


So a new Joey Ramone album is coming out May 22nd.  Joey Ramone died in 2001 of Lymphoma after a long battle.  I have been a fan of the Ramones since they were introduced to my long time friend Chauncey when I was a sophomore in high school.  So when ever I hear something about them I jump.  It got me to thinking about how peculiar it is for music to be released after one death, and made me wonder how the artist would have felt about it.

Much of what is released are either rough demos or live performances.  In some cases an artist was in the process of recording an album when there life came to an end.  I personally have no problem with either of these form coming out as long as they aren’t tampered with much.  The problem come when the new right holders feel the need to turn demos into full fledged singles and/or albums.  I find that this both disrespects the artist and his art.

I mean, if you were to draw a stick figure with a pencil, and didn’t complete the drawing.  Then I came along and traced some of your lines, added more of my own things to your picture and then colored it, could it still be considered your drawing?  Maybe partially since it was based from your drawing, but who’s to day if I would have added any of the same thing you might have to this drawing.

The same goes for music also, and although I am anxious to hear this new album I am also weary.   On, Joey’s Brother, Mickey is quoted at saying “It was of the utmost importance to me that these remaining songs of Joey’s be finished properly, and made available for the world to hear.”  Such a comment make me a bit nervous.  Would Joey have approved of these being finished properly with out his input?

What is your thoughts?

I did some research on this topic and found out all sorts interesting scenarios of music being released after one’s death.   Janis Joplin had full a album released after her death.  Jimi Hendrix has had tons of music released since his death.  Otis Reading’s Sitting on the Dock of the Bay is considered his best album was release after his death.  Nirvana Unplugged was released after Kurt Cobain’s death.   That’s just a few notables, go check out a more complete list here.

Thart Sminking.

Wow! Lots of new music this weekend!   In my last post I asked you all what artists I should check out.  For the most part I was greatly impressed and can’t wait to spend some quality time with these new loves.  I did have some trouble with a few though.  I used to be a quite a metal head back in the day, but age has apparently caught up with me.  Not that I hate it or anything, just really have to be in the mood for hard stuff to actually enjoy it.  I guess my teenage angst years are behind me.  I do tend to like heavy stuff while working on the shipping dock at work, maybe I’ll tune those one in there.  Other choices were just to popish and clean cut for my taste, I will leave it at that.  To each there own!

So the Mars Volta has been my big muse lately.    They are a band I’ve always meant to check out and because they just release a new album have finally taken the time to give them a spin.  (Do mp3s spin?)  They have a certain notoriety in the music scene and now I realize why.

The Mars Volta formed from the ashes of the once promising At the Drive In.  At the Drive In was a amazing post-hardcore band that had a ton of energy when they were on the stage and had created quite following before there break up.  They were on the fringe of breaking though to main stream audience when creative differences (and boredom?) sent the 5 members down 2 different roads.  From this break up two bands formed,  Sparta and The Mars Volta.  Sparta in many ways has followed in the path of At the Drive, throwing out post-hardcore music, although I think they lean more towards the hard rock and indie rock worlds than the hardcore realm.   The Mars Volta on the other had definitely went down a bit more experimental road.

I should add that these observations are based on a pretty small portion size, I really have only been listening to these band for less that 10 days. (in the case of Sparta less than 48 hours)  I really think that my best relationship is going to build with The Mars Volta.  To me they seem more real, more passionate than Sparta.  That doesn’t mean I’ll push Sparta aside but based on what I have heard so far The Mars Volta has certainly gotten a lot more of my affection.  I’ve been watching a whole lot of there videos on YouTube today and already can’t wait for an opportunity to see them live.  I will leave you with a live version of Goliath from the album The Bedlam in Goliath that I particularly enjoyed.  I have not heard this album yet, but after hearing this song it is now next on my list!