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It’s getting hot in here.

It’s so scorching hot that I simply had to write this post in my under garments . Well , not really , however I am merely in a pair of gym shorts . Summer weather is upon us in full force this weekend . Intending to plug in a couple speakers and then perch out on the back deck , Barbeque some pizzas and just indulge in a bit of music .

In light of my preceding post relating to local music , I have at last went out and purchased the brand new Rustic Overtones album . It’s titled Let’s Start A Cult and upon the initial several listens it appears to be very good . For anyone who is curious take a trip HERE and sample it out on Spotify . Wednesday evening the boys performed a show at Bull Moose . As usual I had to work , as a result I failed to see it , nevertheless I have been told it turned out to be quite the crowd . I imagine you should count on that for perhaps Maine’s most popular band . I continue to feel that New Way Out is my personal favorite . I’ll really need to con my better half to stay out and see these guys perform some of the new stuff in the near future !

An excellent band I stumbled onto this week , The Lumineers . I’ve been spinning ( does Spotify spin ? ) there self-titled album somewhat heavily the past several days . They are based out of Denver , Colorodo and seem to remind me of somebody totally different each time I listen to them . Artists I’ve of while listening include Mumford & Sons , the Avett Brothers , Bob Dylan , Bright Eyes , and Sufjan Stevens . Each and every one of these are my favorites and so that must be exactly why I’ve fallen so hard for them . You ought to check them out on Spotify right  HERE.


Home is Where the Heart is.

I want to thank my good friend, Olaf for sharing the above image with me yesterday!   It put a smile on my face for sure!   As anyone who know me, know I am a big fan of the local music scene not only here in Maine but everywhere.  When traveling about this crazy world I always seek out small independent record stores and ask about the local music.  Some of the best music out there hasn’t been (and may not be) “discovered”.   And for us seekers the local music scene is the perfect place to find that next fulfilling thing.

I have written a little about my local music scene a bit on here.  I live in southern Maine, but all of Maine would be considered the local scene.  I know many might not quite understand this, but some may actually include Boston as out local scene and the places between.  That more of a regional thing I guess and since the population of Maine is so small in relation to many areas we sometime group it in our “local” brackets.  (Wikifact – Maine was part of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts until 1820)

The local bands I have cover so far have been the Rustic Overtones and the Cerberus Shoal/Fire on Fire Projects.   Really kind of sad I have neglected to write about more.    I do have plans to write about The Mallet Brothers, El Grande, Phantom Buffalo and my brother in laws band Wavelength at some point in the future.

In my travels, I have discovered Middle Distance Runner from Baltimore, Brown Recluse from Philadelphia and the Street Dogs from Boston.    I have also recently lived vicariously through my fellow blogger YouHearThat, I have explored band from the Richmond, VA local scene.  A couple more notables from there are the Black Girls and the White Laces.

So tell me where you are from and at least one great local band you love.  I’ll be sure to check them out!

Oh yeah, If you want to read my local music post go here.

RSD 2012 Love

What a cool day! I would have to say this has been the best one so far! Hold on, I’m gonna go back and read my previous post to refresh what I’ve told you so far.  If you haven’t read that post you can find it here.  (I’d suggest doing so, I may refer to some of those moments)

You back yet?  Alright, I’ll wait…you read way to slow.

Anyway…It was an awesome day, I did edit and add a few thing to the last post.  It now includes some more specific details about things during the first part of that day.  One thing I didn’t mention was the chaos that ensues in the first half hour after the doors open.  It’s much like what you all picture when you think about black friday.  Well, not violence, but chaos of everyone trying to get in and get the records you are looking for.  I actually have read (and heard about) case of people going into store later in the day and being disappointed to not find what they wanted to get.  One thing to note for those people, if you want to get the release you want, GET THERE EARLY!  Some are gone in the first minutes, while other quickly disappear though out the morning.  By noon things are pretty picked over.

Of coarse I mentioned I went to Bull Moose Scarborough to start the day, what I forgot to mention was that after that initial purchase, I went over to Newbury Comics in South Portland.  Bull Moose really didn’t have much of a selection of free stuff at the time.  Lucky for me Newbury Comics did.  I picked up 90% of the free stuff there.  Another thing I noticed while browsing around the RSD stuff was that 45 minutes after opening there store they still had like a dozen White Stripe vinyl.  I was temped to pick up another for resale but resisted the urge to be greedy.

So after the trip to both Bull Moose and Newbury Comics, I headed home to drop off my stuff and grab a bite to eat.  This is when I wrote that last post (hastily too I might add).  I had enough time to actually had time to play most my new vinyl too!

I wanted to be back at Newbury Comic by noon to see The Mallet Brother’s in-store performance, but ended up running a little late.  I did get to catch about five songs.   They were amazing!  I will make sure to see them again as soon as possible!  Below is the video of the performance of one of the songs they played.  The first few seconds are missing because I accidentally hit my record button twice and had to scramble to get it recording again.   If you like these guys you can find them via there webpage or facebook.  Here is the video, some one will have to help me with the song title.

I actually got to talk to Will Mallet and and very briefly Nate Soule.  They seemed pretty good outgoing guys.  I asked for permission to post the video here.  They were really cool with it asking only that I post a link to it on one of there pages.   In the process of talking to these guys I was introduced to Mark Cudo from WCYY.  It’s kind of funny in the moment I didn’t realize who I was talking to.  I handed him a flyer for my blog and chatted with him a while.  He is the host of a really cool show called Spin Out.   Spin Out is a awesome show because its all about local music.  Mark is really into the local music scene not only with his show but out promoting bands, shows and trying to get local bands a fair shake.  I handed all these guys my blog.  I would be more that honored if any of them visited.  At Bull Moose Mark introduced me to someone from WBLM, but I think I kind of was a bonehead there too.

So I’m going to cut this post short here.  I will add one more post for Record Store Day with a complete detailed list of everything I picked up.  I will also tell you about my new idea called “Used Record Store Day” and how I came up with that.

Livin La Vida Local – Rustic Overtones

The Rustic Overtones are probably the most famous and certainly most popular band from the greater Portland area.  I first heard them around 1998.  Room by the Hours was out and Portland’s WCYY radio station was playing them in pretty regular rotation.  During this time in my life I was spending my first days in the big city of Portland, after having grown up in a very small northern Maine town.   I remember taking particular note of the Rustic Overtones because for me they were the first local band I had ever heard that actually wrote there own music.  Northern  Maine had there share of bands, just not many of them who aren’t cover bands.  I don’t recall exactly, but I believe I saw them at Stone Coast Brewery and the Asylum at some point around this time.  To be honest it wasn’t until Viva Nueva! came out that I really started to really get into them on a bigger scale.

So a little history for those who don’t know anything about RusticRustic Overtones are a bunch of guys who went to high school together and started a cover band called Aces Wild.  (My fiance, Andrea, actually went to school with them and recalls seeing them playing in a garage)  They started writing music on there own and released three albums before getting signed to Arista Records, with the help of then head Clive Davis.  While on Arista they recorded Viva Nueva!, but due to a label shake up the album ended up getting released on Tommy Boy Records.  Shortly after Tommy Boy folded and they as a result broke up.  This all took place between 1993 and 2002. Fast forward to 2007,  all the member had spent the past few years doing various side projects (many of which were pretty successful really) the band reunited after drummer Tony McNaboe tricked everyone into agreeing to reunite by telling each member that everyone had already agreed to reunite.  Initially it was supposed to be just a short reunion, but two albums later they are still going strong, lucky for us!

As for there musical style that’s a little harder to pin down exactly.  They are (at least currently) a 6 piece band that includes guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and a horns section.  They play a mix of rock, ska and funk and really fusion of all three.

So for your listening enjoyment I’m am going to post a few items so you can hear what Andrea and myself love so much about them.   First is Andrea’s favorite song direct from Rustic’s own YouTube Channel.   This is tittle Letter to the President and was release during George W. Bush’s term of presidency.

Next is one of my favorites Gas on Skin.  This a live performance from there 2011 New Years Eve show at the Port City Music Hall. (great venue by the way)

For the last you will again have to have Spotify to listen to it.  It is actually a playlist of there latest album New Way Out.  I know highlights both Andrea and I agree on are Common Cold and Kathleen Caffeine.  Just click on the this to enjoy the album.

Rustic Overtones Links:

HomepageFacebook MySpaceWikiNPR

Livin La Vida Local – Cerberus Shoal/Fire on Fire

One of these days I will be able to stop writing “this is the first…”.  I just hope that one day I won’t be saying this is the last.

So the local band I am going to talk about is actually two bands.  Well sort of.  I know I’m being confusing so let’s start from the beginning.

Cerberus Shoal is a band formed back in 1994 in Boston, MA.  For the most part though they were based out of Portland.  They are really hard to classify because their music has so many influences and has grown so much.  They use many diverse instruments such as quena, oud, zamponas, accordions, banjos, as well as the normal drums, bass and guitars.  Their music covers everything from atmospheric rock to progressive jam band.  Their music has progressed to include influences from music all over the world.

I first came across the band when I was a student studying video technology.  My senior project in studio production was to direct/produce some kind of live show.   Of course I chose music as a topic and after some investigation I found that 3 fellow classmates had musical ties.  One of those classmates, Scott, happened to be brother to Cerberus Shoal member Chriss Sutherland.  Scott got his brother and fellow band member Caleb Mulkerin to do a segment on my show.  I was given a copy of …and Farewell to Hightide and fell in love.

The band had broken up sometime in the mid 2000’s (although have released an album in 2010) but many of the members resurfaced in a group call Fire on Fire.  Fire on Fire thus far seems a bit more focused musically than Cerberus Shoal.  I would classify them as a Americana/Folk/Bluegrass mix.  They, like Cerberus Shoal, rely heavily on harmonies.   Other side projects members have been involved with include, Big Blood & The Bleedin’ Hearts and Tarpigh, as well as Chriss Sutherland‘s self named solo release.

The following videos are Broken Springs Spring Forth From Broken Clocks from Cerberus Shoal’s …and Farewell to Hightide with some incredible time lapse video created by YouTube user Mockmoon2000. (in 1080p even)

The second video is a live performance of Amnesia by Fire on Fire. (apparently in only 80-p)

Links for these bands are nonexistant or somewhat out to date (Cerberus Shoal’s website last updated in 2005) but here they are.

Cerberus Shoal Links:

Homepage – Facebook – MySpaceWiki – NPR

Fire on Fire Links:

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