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Movin’ on up

So I mentioned a couple posts ago how my “top” lists on Spotify were screwed up.   They still are but I digress on that topic.  I wanted to share my weekly Top 10 Artist (based on play count anyway).   Here is the list:

As you can see Heartless Bastards to the crown this week.  They certainly were my new obsession thanks to Andrea C.  More of a discussion can be read on my post Arrow to My Heart.

Of coarse Mumford, Radiohead, Vampire Weekend, the Fleet Foxes and to some extend NIN are all main stays in my top 25 every week. 

The Black Widows was a neat discovery.  As part of the I’m a Self Made Man mix tape (that I have yet to finish)  Joe T.  suggested Butch Walker and the Black Widows.  When I searched for them on Spotify, I just typed “Black Widow” and it came up with three bands, Butch Walker and the Black Widows, The Black Widows and Black Widows.  (None of which are associated with other)  I listened to all three and The Black Widows appear to be the winner.  They are a blend of surf and punk rock.  I have only listened to them a few times, but I am pretty certain there isn’t any singing in any songs.  (I know most don’t anyway…)  They kind of a modern Dick Dale.

Mustasch also come from that last mix tape courtesy of a suggestion with my good friend Chauncey B.  They are are a cool power metal band from Sweden.  Chauncey is always sending new hard rock and metal my way.  I think this is the first one I’ve really latched onto in recent memory.  I used to be such a big metal head, now I’m in to much mellower stuff.  (Still think its funny I’m become a cliche)

Last on this list is Mars Volta.  They fell from the number one spot a week ago.   How quickly I move on.  Actually that not that bad considering the amount of music I listen to in a given week.  They will actually stay in my top 25 for some time now.  I really have fallen for them.  Sparta I am guessing will not be the same case.  Not that I dislike them, just didn’t have the love for them I did for the Mars Volta.

So that is the list for this week.  Not sure if I’ll do this every week, but I though it could be interesting.  Plus is shows I am listening to your suggestions! So keep them coming!