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Double booked!

As usual no time to do a full post on Friday.  I always seem on the run on Fridays, well just a little tidbit about the weekend.   I have to run out the door to work in like 10 minutes so this will be short.

First off, Wilco will be on Austin City Limits on Saturday Night.  That on PBS for those who don’t know.  Here is a link to the promo for the program. I can’t wait to see this!

Also Saturday Night Live will be featuring Bon Iver.  I am glad to see SNL with some great musicians this year.  Here is a link to the promo for this weeks SNL.

Get your DVR’s ready!


I need a band aid, where is the First Aid Kit?

Today, I want to share with you one of my favorite artist, First Aid Kit.   I discovered these young ladies a couple years ago when doing a YouTube search for the Fleet Foxes.  I discovered a cover they had done for the song Tiger Mountain Peasant Song that had gotten them a lot of attention.  It is an amazing song and possibly even more amazing cover. (You may have already heard this cover as one of my selections on a mixtape found here)  Here is the video that started it all.

Last year while touring in support of there first album, while passing through Nashville they got a call from Jack White.  He asked if they would come into the studio and record a couple songs.  They accepted,reco rded and released a 7″ as part of Jack’s Third Man Records Blue series.  They did a cover of Buffy Saint Marie’s Universal Soldier as well as a cover of of the old blues standard It Hurts Me Too originally recorded Tampa Red.  The following is a live performance of the first of these song.

First Aid Kit is made up of sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg.  They are from Sweden. Supposedly a  friend introduced them to the music of Bright Eyes and they then decided they wanted to write music.  I want to thank that friend!!  They recently recorded a couple songs with Conor Oberst, a cover of the White Stripes We Are Gonna Be Friends as well as Conor contributing vocals to the last track on First Aid Kit’s new album The Lion’s Roar.  I’m sure it was a pretty amazing experience for them.  Another note, The Lion’s Roar is produced by Mike Mogis one of the current members of Bright Eyes.  The following is the title track from this new album.

If you like it go out and buy there albums, they are amazing!

Don’t be jealous!

Yesterday I came up with the idea of writing about band I want to see before I die.  I figured it would be an interesting topic as well as a place to keep a checklist.   That way you know what tickets to buy me for my birthday!  I will list everyone I want to see (or see again) and comment on a few of them.

  • Fleet Foxes – My number two band right now.  Gotta make this happen during there next tour.
  • Grizzly Bear – Recording a new album, could mean I see them next tour if the moons align.
  • First Aid Kit – April 2nd in Boston, $15…hmmmm
  • Bon Iver – Vowed that I must see him hopefully with Mr. Erik Googins and Amy Holland. (both Bon Lovers)
  • Arcade Fire – I bet they put on what crazy show.
  • Bright Eyes – A fairly new love to my life, gotta pay more attention to his tourings.
  • The Fiery Furnaces
  • Fruit Bats
  • The Civil Wars – In love with these two!
  • Portishead
  • Pink Floyd – Certainly number one on the Shows I MUST see before I die.   I would imagine I could actually die in peace directly afterthis show
  • Wilco – I have had the opportunity to see these guy live so many times and only recently discovered there amazingness.
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs – I’ve seen a hundred recordings of them live, Karen O is crazy…would love to witness that live and in the front row!
  • Sigur Ros – New album coming soon…there is potential soon!
  • Bjork – Goddess!
  • Kings of Leon
  • Modest Mouse
  • David Grisman – Been wanting to catch him for a long time, just never the right opportunity
  • Fire on Fire – Local band who never play live it seems, or i find out about it afterwards
  • Frightened Rabbit
  • Gorillaz – Who wouldn’t want to see a cartoon band live?
  • James Blake – I hear he is amazing live.

These are band I’d love to see again.

  • Radiohead – My favorite band and I’ve only seen them once.
  • The Black Keys – All I can is AMAZING!
  • Pearl Jam – put on one amazing show when I was down in Florida
  • White Stripes – I hope they will one day reunite and tour and record again! (crosses fingers)
  • Racontuers – Great live band! Anything Jack White rocks!
  • Juliette Lewis – One of the best shows I have ever been to!  Stop acting and continue rocking!
  • The Decemberists – great show only wish I had gotten closer
  • Dropkick Murphys – Seen them more than any other band and will continue to see them until they break my heart (break up) or I die
  • System of a Down – I just want to throw some elbows
  • They Might Be Giants – Finally got to see them they seem to endlessly tour these days so it should be easy
  • Boy Hits Car – maybe they will one day again come to the east coast?
  • Bela Fleck – Amazing!
  • Alison Krauss – Might have to bring my mom to this one again.
  • Sufjan Stevens – only saw half the set, would love to see a whole show.
  • Type O Negative – This will never happen, although I have seen them about 10 times so no complaints…RIP Peter Steele

Who do you want see with me?  Who should I add?

George W. Stearns High School

So in attempt to get some traffic on this here blog, I am going to try a new tactic.  I do appreciate all my friends who regular my site, but I do need to expand past you (and not always expect you to be here).  So a trending topic on twitter at the moment is #HighShoolMemories, so I’m going to write about some musical memories I have from high school.

This is going to give you a little bit of history into me musically.  I really separate my music like into two major parts (maybe three now but I won’t get into the third in this post).  Up to the beginning of my sophomore year of high school I listened to what ever was mainstream or what ever my friends listened to.  I certainly like what I liked, but within the stream of what is fed to us in popular media and culture.

Then something miraculous happened.  Somehow for reason I don’t even remember now, I was lured into working on the school fall musical, through which I was introduced to a group of people I hadn’t associated with previously.  This group of people, including one that would become a life long friend, would introduce me to Liz Phair, the Ramones, Tori Amos, Type O Negative and many other band not in the mainstream. This changed my musical landscape completely.  I soon adopted the “I hate the mainstream” mantra, one I would carry far to long, but one I would carry all the less.

There are particular memories I have from this time I’d like to share.  Growing up in a small town one of the only things to do is drive around and listen to music.  I remember one time sitting in my buddy Chauncey’s car behind Katahdin Avenue School listening to Type O Negative’s Bloody Kisses for the first time.  I think I fell in love instantly and Type O Negative would become my favorite band for the next 5-6 years.  The other memory I have is of sitting in my girlfriend at the time, Manisha’s bedroom listening to Liz Phair’s Exile in Guyville.  This wasn’t something I would fall in love with instantly, for I was raised in the old fashion male dominant world.  At this time of my life women singing like Liz Phair did seemed strangely odd, later in life this album would become one of my favorites, and now I may even like female singers more than I do male. 

So now you may see a small insight into my musical past and what memories stick with me from high school.  Tell me about you favorite musical memory from high school.

To err is human, to arr is pirate.

It seems only fitting that I should talk about piracy today, since the world wide web is so widely protesting the proposed SOPA.   For those who don’t know, SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Act and is a bill now in congress that would enable the US Department of Justice as well as copyright holders the ability to websites and host enabling copyright infringement.  It is a bill that is widely supported by the motion picture and music industry and opposed by free speech activists.

Now as you can see both by my blog being blacked out for 12 hours today (01/18/2012) as well as my post from last night I oppose the bill.   The following why I oppose of the act and what I think of piracy in general.

First off, this bill definitely threatens free speech.  How many countless unofficial websites are dedicated to music of any particular artist.  These sites are meant to show appreciation for the artist and there work.  Many of these sights contain lyrics, discographys, concert playlists and even links to music and videos.  All thing that could be sited as copyright infringement.  Many of these sites as well as websites such as YouTube, Vimeo and Soundcloud all are hotbeds of expression, all containing the large amount of pieces that use material not owned by the artist.  My past blog post titled aaaaaaargh! is an example of someone creative work being in violation of not one but two copyrights.  In my eyes it is a very funny and clever video and would be something YouTube would have to pull in fear in a lawsuit.

Second, this has ramifications for the american economy.  In a time when the creation of more jobs is of utmost importance, this bill could force websites and web hosts to move out of the country to avoid dealing with the bill.   It could also force websites such as Tumlr, Vimeo and Soundcloud to go out of business since these websites are almost completely creator driven content.

I want to make clear that I don’t support copyright infringement.  I do believe that an artist does have the right to protect his or her art.  That person also has the right to make money from his or her art.  I do try to buy the music from the artist I love but have borrowed many songs from these artists also.  One of the major reason I subscribe to Spotify is to make the music I love legal.  I would love to buy everything I listen to, but that at the moment I am not independently wealthy, so I have to go the rent a song way.


(name removed in violation SOPA act) Fever!

This blog post is about everyones favorite little heartthrob, (name removed by SOPA act)I have recently come down with the “(name removed by SOPA act) Fever”  I have completely fallen in love with his songs (name removed by SOPA act) and (name removed by SOPA act).  Below is the official video for his latest single (name removed by SOPA act).   Also is a video I uploaded of my twin girls dancing to his song (name removed by SOPA act).  Enjoy!

(This video was removed because it was in violation of the  SOPA act)

(This video was removed because it was in violation of the  SOPA act)