Master Mixtape

I decided to make a page with the links to all the mixtapes we have made, instead of posting updates to the blog.  From this day forth, I will smitten this page with updates!

The 2011 Volumes:

The 2012 Volumes:

Pending ideas:

  • Favorite Live Track
  • 7 Degrees of Songs
  • Favorite Song You Parents used to Play
  • Guilty Pleasure
  • Karaoke Song
  • Song you hate by your favorite artist
  • Favorite Beatles Song
  • Songs for Autumn
  • Favorite songs from childhood
  • Song from your favorite album
  • Best/Worst Collaboration
  • Song From a Movie
  • Song that best represents your life right now.
  • Song dedicated to an ex
  • Song you love by artist you hate
  • Song currently stuck in your head
  • Song featuring a female singer
  • Favorite metal song
  • Songs that makes you tear up
  • Protest songs
  • Earworms (songs that get stuck in your head)

What else can we do?


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