Surprise, Surprise!

What a crazy couple week it has been!  They were amazing regardless of how jam packed they may have been.  I have three more weeks left of summer session at USM, and thus far have been rocking that.  I am still working full time (as well as another part time thing that came up.)

To top it all off last weekend we had a “Reception BBQ” to celebrate getting married.  You may remember me mentioning that we did a destination wedding in Key West last February.  As a result all our friends and family missed out on the occasion.  So to make up for it we threw a summer BBQ.   It was an amazing day!  75+ family and friends came to the BBQ.  We had people come in from Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland,  New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  For the first time ever all my biological father’s kids were in the same place (along with dad) made the day a bit more special.

One of the many things we did to get ready was to create a music playlist for the event.  As some could imagine a playlist made up by both my wife and myself was quite interesting.  My wife had the likes of Tim McGraw, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Adele in the list.  I tried to make my selections as crowd friendly as possible.  I had artists such as White Stripes, Radiohead, Fruit Bats and the Fiery Furnaces.  It was quite strange to hear the music transition form her picks to my picks and vice versa.  If you’d like to hear our eclectic playlist you can find it here on spotify.

So if you are a Mumford and Sons fan you probably have heard about the latest tour.  For those who haven’t the following is a basic rundown.   The Gentlemen of the Road tour consist of 6 “stopovers” or dates.  The locations of each show are in rather unique cities, two in Europe and 4 in the states.    The cool part of the tour is that all the promotion of the tour and all the food and vendors will be done completely by locals.  In addition to a day full of music, there will be a bunch of different after parties at local venues throughout the host city.  The festivals are scheduled to end at 9 pm to support these addition events.   The boys from Mumford are rumored to want to hit the bars and pubs after each show to celebrate each city.

So the reason I mention this show is because my wife surprised me with tickets as part of a wedding gift this past Saturday.  I had refrained from buying tickets only because I have spent so much money lately on other shows as well as records.   It was a very pleasant surprise to say the least and I can not wait! So this Saturday I will be enjoying the music of 8 bands with my wife and a good friend of mine.  I’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures and return to write about the day.



The very first mixtape in my journey…

Back in the fall of 1994, I was  just a normal kid.  I’d been caught the previous summer sneaking out late at night with alcohol in a buddies back pack.  I’d stolen cigarettes from my Grampy’s camper.  You know, I wanted to be cool.  Well growing up I loved music.  Only I loved the music that was given to me, like the stuff played on the radio or MTV (and bluegrass festivals, but that’s another story).

Then my Obi-won Kenobi came into my life.  He taught me that there was more music out there to be discovered.  He went on to make me several mix tapes.  I was introduced to Type O Negative, the Ramones, Matthew Sweet and Suicidal Tendencies amongst many others.  And so started my journey into the larger world of music (and art for that matter).

The person I am talking about is my dear friend Chauncey.  He’s commented here a bunch of times and is always one person I can count on to add a song or two to our collaborative mixtapes we make here.   We met when I was a little sophomore and he was a big senior.  I had to listen to him back then, because he was so much older and wiser!  (ROFL)   Really he is only like a year or so older than me, but you know how it seems when you are in high school.  Anyway, he was a big influence for me and am lucky to say we remain good friends to this day.

So to celebrate my bud, I wanted to do two things.  First as you can see below is the insert to the very first mixtape the Chauncey ever made for me.  As you can see it is a metal mix, he still is very into the metal scene (although you wouldn’t know it by looking at him, let’s just say family man!)  Here is a link to the Spotify version of the mix.  It is a little different because of certain albums and tracks not being available.  In addition I would like to start a new metal themed mixtape for us all.  Please pick 1-3 songs to add from any metal artist.  You can post you songs here in the comments and/or add the songs to the Spotify playlist.   I’ll post a list all songs and link to the playlist underneath the image below.

This mixtape is called All Mixed Up in 2012, Vol. 7 – Cast Iron Pans

So are our mix looks like this:

  1. Kill all the White People by Type O Negative from the album Bloody Kisses added by KidAJoe
  2. War Ensemble by Slayer from the album Season of the Abyss added by KidAJoe
  3. Mermaid by Amorphis from the album The Beginning of Time added by Chauncey B.
  4. Beat the Bastards by Accept from the album Blood of the Nations added by Chauncey B.
  5. Give A Little by Overkill from the album Ironbound added by Chauncey B.

KidAJoe’s Music Challenge – a song from a band you hate

I haven’t  done a topic off the KidAJoe Music Challenge in a while, so I thought I would do one today.  I had my lovely wife pick one and she picked “a song from a band you hate”.    There are lots of band I hate, Linkin Park, Creed, Puddle of Mud….I certainly could go on.  Finding a song by an artist I hate will be really easy.

I guess I’ll start with my wife’s favorite artist Britney Spears.  This song (pretty shamefully) is one I like (some what anyway).  This actually will come as quite a surprise to her.  I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know that I like even one song by Miss Spears.  Today actually is the first time I’ve listened to this song in years.  So the song is Outrageous from the album In The Zone.   You can be tortured by the video below.   As with any Britney Spears video I suggest hitting the mute button before pushing play.

Next is a band I possibly hate more than any other band on earth.  (No Olaf it is not 311)  It is Nickelback.   If you want to get some sort of information out of me, tie me up and play some Nickelback, I will promptly tell you everything you want to know.    Actually all you would have to is threaten to play something and I would cave.  I wish this crap on only my worst enemies.   Here is a song that I brought up on youtube only long enough to copy the URL.  Please do not enjoy.

Just for the record it kill me to put these two even on my blog.  I might have to light myself on fire now.

It’s getting hot in here.

It’s so scorching hot that I simply had to write this post in my under garments . Well , not really , however I am merely in a pair of gym shorts . Summer weather is upon us in full force this weekend . Intending to plug in a couple speakers and then perch out on the back deck , Barbeque some pizzas and just indulge in a bit of music .

In light of my preceding post relating to local music , I have at last went out and purchased the brand new Rustic Overtones album . It’s titled Let’s Start A Cult and upon the initial several listens it appears to be very good . For anyone who is curious take a trip HERE and sample it out on Spotify . Wednesday evening the boys performed a show at Bull Moose . As usual I had to work , as a result I failed to see it , nevertheless I have been told it turned out to be quite the crowd . I imagine you should count on that for perhaps Maine’s most popular band . I continue to feel that New Way Out is my personal favorite . I’ll really need to con my better half to stay out and see these guys perform some of the new stuff in the near future !

An excellent band I stumbled onto this week , The Lumineers . I’ve been spinning ( does Spotify spin ? ) there self-titled album somewhat heavily the past several days . They are based out of Denver , Colorodo and seem to remind me of somebody totally different each time I listen to them . Artists I’ve of while listening include Mumford & Sons , the Avett Brothers , Bob Dylan , Bright Eyes , and Sufjan Stevens . Each and every one of these are my favorites and so that must be exactly why I’ve fallen so hard for them . You ought to check them out on Spotify right  HERE.

Home is Where the Heart is.

I want to thank my good friend, Olaf for sharing the above image with me yesterday!   It put a smile on my face for sure!   As anyone who know me, know I am a big fan of the local music scene not only here in Maine but everywhere.  When traveling about this crazy world I always seek out small independent record stores and ask about the local music.  Some of the best music out there hasn’t been (and may not be) “discovered”.   And for us seekers the local music scene is the perfect place to find that next fulfilling thing.

I have written a little about my local music scene a bit on here.  I live in southern Maine, but all of Maine would be considered the local scene.  I know many might not quite understand this, but some may actually include Boston as out local scene and the places between.  That more of a regional thing I guess and since the population of Maine is so small in relation to many areas we sometime group it in our “local” brackets.  (Wikifact – Maine was part of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts until 1820)

The local bands I have cover so far have been the Rustic Overtones and the Cerberus Shoal/Fire on Fire Projects.   Really kind of sad I have neglected to write about more.    I do have plans to write about The Mallet Brothers, El Grande, Phantom Buffalo and my brother in laws band Wavelength at some point in the future.

In my travels, I have discovered Middle Distance Runner from Baltimore, Brown Recluse from Philadelphia and the Street Dogs from Boston.    I have also recently lived vicariously through my fellow blogger YouHearThat, I have explored band from the Richmond, VA local scene.  A couple more notables from there are the Black Girls and the White Laces.

So tell me where you are from and at least one great local band you love.  I’ll be sure to check them out!

Oh yeah, If you want to read my local music post go here.

Old Habits Die Hard too.

My music listening habits as of late have been quite predictable.   It’s partially because I have been so busy, but also because I haven’t particularly found anything new recently that really has moved me.  As a result I fall back into the music that does move me.

Radiohead was mentioned last week, is still in heavy rotation.  Along with them, Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear (who drops a new album in September!) The Civil Wars and the Fruit Bats. (the last is according to spotify although I still don’t trust that thing.)  All my comfort music.

I need to shake things up.  Fiona Apples new one is out this week.  Already played it three time so I guess that’s a little boost.  I usually ask this on facebook, but…

What should I listen to?  What bands/artists do you love? Who have you discovered?  Who should I check out?

Two goals I have are to tackle some more Ben Harper and to dive into some Springsteen.  I know a few of my followers love one or both of these artists.  Where should I start or go to with these two artist?

This is a rather short post and also a bit written on the wing.  I’ll be out of the english class writing business this week, and into math mode…yuck.  I’ll have to do better at getting my writing in via the blog.  Until next week.  Hasta la Pasta.

Poor Twisted Me

Well, I figured it was time to give my poor old neglected blog some attention.  The past month of so has been pretty busy.  All I can say is school, work and my little ones have taken up all my time.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  I know that’s a country song but I really have no idea by who.

So I have started back to school and my first class is an Intro to Literature class.  It has been really awesome actually, along with reading some cool stuff, I have also been writing.  Not just analytical stuff either, some creative writings!  A relatively dormant part of my soul has been awakened!  Unfortunately this week my prof. made me realize the Zombie state I have fallen into.  I’ll have to write more about that tragedy later.  Until then I suggest reading Malthusian’s Zombie by Jeffrey Ford.  Amazing story!  I have a big writing prompt due on Monday, so I’ll be having some fun this weekend for sure!

I have heard in the past one should write and/or study in quiet controlled environments.  For me, I find that to just suck.  I always have to have music going when I write.  It’s like lubrication for my brain.  I really have a hard time getting going if I don’t have something that eases my soul playing in the background.

Lately that has been Radiohead.  I know big surprise there.  I had kind of neglected them for a while, but since the Mansfield show I attended, I have been pretty full throttle with them.  Of coarse anytime Radiohead tours I tend to listen to them more since I feel the need to download and listen to every single show I can get.  (which is usually all of them!)

I’ve been on a really big live music kick too.  I have for quite sometime been big into the live lossless music community.  I however tend to ride it in waves.  Right now I’m at the peak of one of these waves.  Summer is always the best time for concerts anyway, all the festivals and such.  It’s been awesome attending these show live from home this year too!  It seems everyone is streaming there festivals this year.  If you get a chance, I recomend Bon Iver’s Coachella set as well as Radiohead’s and the Civil War’s Bonnaroo sets.

Well, I always say I’m going to do stuff and only do about a tenth of them, but I’ll try to get on and do one post every Thursday or Friday to keep my monster alive.  I have loved writing here and really don’t want this thing to die!  Wish me luck and encouragement!

Daddy, can I try your headphones on?

Hello faithful!  I’m sitting here in bed listening to some Portishead on my headphones while everyone else in my house is sound asleep.  As my wife can attest to, I love to crank my tunes out on our living space, but I love the comfort and the warmth of my headphone tenfold!

This afternoon one of my twin daughters “Thing 1” asked the question stated in the above title.  They of coarse see me with them on when they are watching Dora or Yo Gabba Gabba.  I have a few times let them put them on, and they both know not to touch my precious headphones without asking me.  My current headphones were such a deal too!  I bought them on clearance for 10 bucks when I worked for L.L.Bean.  I know! Bean’s sells headphone?  They were on clearance for a reason, no one would think to go to an outdoor sporting goods store for nice headphones.  I have a set of Solitude Linx Audio.  They are by far the best headphone I have ever had.   I personally think they match any top headphone out there, and sell for much cheaper than other equals out there. (even when not getting them on clearance)  Anyway, thats enough of a product plug for this post I guess…

So on to the point of this post is some tunes certainly sound better blasting from some speakers while other just feel so much better heard from a set of headphones.  So the next mixtape in our series of amazing mixes is going to be songs we love to hear though out private headgear.  I know this is one I’ll have fun with!  I can’t wait to hear what you got for us too!

So as usual let’s keep selections to three or less tracks per person.  You can post your suggestions in the comments section of this post, and for Spotify users you can also add your song(s) to the following Spotify playlist yourself.

All Mixed up in 2012, Vol. 7 – Help Me Obi-won Kenobi

If you would just like to listen to the mixtape we have compiled so far you can go to my tumblr page KidAJoe’s Playlists.  As always I love to hear details about why you have chosen the songs you have, so please share them!!!

Our compilation so far is:

  1. Our Father by Extreme from the album III Side to Every Story posted by KidAJoe
  2. Hunter by Bjork from the album Homogenic posted by KidAJoe
  3. Things by Frightened Rabbits from the album Winter of Mixed Drinks posted by KidAJoe

358 days until Record Store Day 2013!

Yes, the count is already on!  I can’t wait.  I guess I could count down until RSD’s Black Friday event, but I hate Black Friday!

That being said we all should remember that although Record Store Day is a great reason to head out to your local record store, we need to keep it up the rest of there year also!  Record store cannot survive with one day a year!  I know that I am a big promoter of services such as spotify, but I also go out and buy records and CD’s.  This doesn’t mean you have to start a vinyl collection though or that you have to buy absolutely everything on CD.   It would be nice to support a local business while helping support something many of us hold near and dear!

There is nothing like the experience of hanging out in a music store.  Interacting with others who love music is one of my favorite part of it.  It never fails what someone will suggest to you on any given day.

So I mentioned previously what I took home from RSD this year.  I am not going to get a little more detailed about what I got and what I thought about them now that I’ve had a little bit of time to adsorb them.   I will only include the first item in this post, and will try to post at least one item I either bought or got free each day for the next however many days.  I might take a day off here and there or interject other post of coarse.

So this first thing I actually listened to was the new RSD Coachella sampler.  When I left Bull Moose it was the easiest to access (being already open) and one I was interested in because I had watched so much of the festival the week before.   This sampler features artists on this years Coachella Festival in Indio, CA.   This is one of the many free item I picked up.  It contains a 17 track CD as well as 32 page book (cover pictured above).  The book has interviews with the 17 artist featured on the sampler.  To listen this sampler go to my Tumblr playlist page.

Check out the track listing above.  Over all this compilation was pretty solid.  I really only knew three of the bands really well. (The Black Keys, The Shins and Florence + the Machine)  After that I really knew very little about the rest of the musicians on this disc.  That’s not saying I hadn’t heard of them, but I certainly wouldn’t have been able to recognize them with you the linear notes.   With the exception of the Kaiser Chiefs and Swedish House Mafia I really enjoyed this disc.  I will definitely be looking more into Justice, We are Augustines and Band of Skulls.  (I already have Andrew Bird in my Spotify playlist queue).  One thing I do think is a bit silly about this compilation is that it comes during or (in the case last year) after the event actually happens.  So if you like the a bunch of the artist and want to go to the festival it’s already to late.

One other little tidbit for you, Record Store Day is actually celebrated at Coachella.  At the Zia Tent on the 21st they had many of the same RSD exclusives and actually even a few Coachella exclusives.  At The Drive-In’s Vaya EP was available on colored vinyl  and Ximena Sarinana also released a Coachella only 7 inch vinyl.  More exclusives were mentioned but upon searching the web I have yet to determine what they were.

Biggest Miss RSD 2012

After seeing and hearing this I am really disappointed I missed this one. I actually don’t even recall seeing the Arcade Fire 7″.

Still have to recap the rest of my swag, I know, I promise you it is coming…

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