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Four North Men of the Rockpocalypse

The Rockpocalypse is upon us.

Well, my dear friend Chauncey has started a group on Facebook called “Four North Men of the Rockpocalypse“.  It is the brain trust of four boys from northern Maine and our wild opinions of what is good, bad and ugly in the music world.  To start the this new chapter, we have organized the release of our top ten albums of 2012.  The list will be released this Sunday, January 13th at 8 PM (EST).  It should be a pretty eclectic bunch of list since we all have varying taste in music.  I invite you to visit and like our new page and to come see what we have to say about 2012.

I will be posting my short list over on the Facebook page, but if you want to read more about my choices you can also see a post on this blog that will coincide with the release of the lists.   It is my hope that this new project will help me revive this small music corner I have created (and neglected).  Maybe I can even con my new partners to write a post or two here also…

Anyway, See you tomorrow…


Go Pirates!

So I had conversation with an old friend on Facebook the other day and she was telling about her current obsession with Mumford & Sons.  I also share a love for Mumford, and decided to dig into my youtube favorites for a special live recording the band did in a book store somewhere over in the UK.  So this one goes out to Mrs. Amanda up in Northern Maine.  Enjoy!

(a little side note, if you own Mumford’s first album, Sigh No More,  you can download these tracks as special bonus!)


I decided I had to post something tonight, the only thing is I am not remembering any of the ideas I’ve had in the past days and weeks.  I have to get better at writing them down.   So tonight I am going to write about my music currently blaring in my headphones.   This is actually the first night I’ve ever even heard of this band.  After getting home from work I turned on the television which I never do, and Last Call with Carson Daly was on.  I like to watch Carson Daly because he tends to have lots of stuff that is under the radar.  Hard to imagine that MR. TRL would actually be cool.

So the featured performance from tonight show was of a band called Grouplove.   The performace was from a show at West Holywood’s legendary Troubadour club.  They played two songs, Gold Coast and Naked Kids.  Both songs were pretty amazing, they were can best be described as indie rock songs.  It was good enough for me to go searching for them on Spotify.

So now I am listening to there Self Titled first EP which was released in 2010.  Upon some further research these guys (and gal) also just released there first full length album titles Never Trust a Happy Song this very week.   I guess that explains why they were aired on Last Call tonight.

Here is a couple videos that I saw tonight as well as a link to there albums on Spotify.  I guess this show originally aired back in May so the videos are already up on YouTube.   Spotify Links – Never Trust a Happy Song  – Grouplove EP


Grouplove Links:
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Let’s make a Mixtape!

So I learned yet another cool thing you can do in Spotify!  Yes I know you are all getting sick of hearing my crush on this wonderful new love in my life!  Andrea may start worry that I’m going to marry it and not her, I think…

So my new toy is the collaborative playlist!  What is that you say?  Well let get Back to Basics to quote the title of Christina Aguilera‘s 2006 album.  First for those who don’t know, you can make a playlist containing any number of different songs.  They can be all one genre or artist, or they can me many different genre’s and many different artist, they are just a collection of songs you choose in the order you cho0se them.  I mainly only listen to music as full albums so my playlist tend to be just a playlist of said album.  On spotify you can make any number of playlist and either make them private or for the world to see.  In addition they have the above mention collaborative playlist.  Most playlists only you can edit, but a collaborative playlist anyone you share the playlist with can add and subtract from it as well.  Pretty neat!

So what I want to do is make a mixtape and I want you all to pick a track to add to this mixtape.  I want the song you choose to be something you hold near and dear to your heart.  Something you love and think the world should love and celebrate.  I think it will be very interesting to see what we end up with.  I do please ask that you only add one song.

I know many of you have not yet jumped on the Spotify bandwagon yet so we will do this two ways. (this time anyway)

  • Those of you on Spotify can click on the playlist I share below and add one song, then please post a comment to this post letting the rest all know what you added.
  • For those who don’t have Spotify (I still have 7 invites to send…) please just post a comment here on this post and I will add your song to the playlist.

This is the link to the playlist titled Let’s make a Mixtape, Vol. 1.  

The following is the playlist we have created:

  1. Idioteque  by Radiohead from the album Kid A added by Joe P. (aka KidAJoe)
  2. Handshake Drugs by Wilco from the album A ghost is born by Brian K.
  3. Dead & Bloated by Stone Temple Pilots from the album Core by Dan S.
  4. Rapunzel by Dave Matthews Band from the album Before the Crowded Streets by Nichole G. (my sister)
  5. A Dozen Roses by Braid from the album Frame and Canvas by Erik G.
  6. …Baby One More Time by Britney Spears from the album Baby One More Time by Andrea T. (my fiance)
  7. Powerful Stuff by Sean Hayes from the album Run Wolves Run by Rob P. (aka Butter)
  8. Wildflowers by Tom Petty from the album Wildflowers by Melissa P.
  9. The Calender Hung Itself by Bright Eyes from the album Fever and Mirrors by Amy H.
  10. ’59 Sound by The Gaslight Anthem from the album The ’59 Sound by Mike M. (I am unable to locate this track on Spotify though so here is a youtube link)
  11. Mississippi by Paula Cole from the album This Fire by Chauncey B.
  12. Theme From Dr. Pyser by Ben Folds from the album Whatever and Forever Amen by Bekkah W.
  13. Gold Lion by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs from the album Show Your Bones by Andrew C.
  14. Siren by Tori Amos from the Great Expectations soundtrack by Jessica M.