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Adjective Battleship

My fellow blogger at You hear that?!? recently wrote a blog called Adjective Battleship. I’ll paraphrase what it was about here, but I highly recommend you go read his more detailed version.

So he and another fellow came up with a game for describing a song in just 5 words.  The goal to explain what the song makes you feel or how it sounds.  I thought it was a pretty fun and entertaining idea.

Here are the rule that they came up with:

  1. Each player nominates 3 songs.
  2. Each player provides a description comprised of up to 5 words, not all of which actually have to be adjectives, for all 6 songs.
  3. There is no time limit on composing descriptions.
  4. The player who compiles the descriptions for posting purposes cannot look at the other player’s descriptions before finalizing his or her own.
  5. There is no winner, just congratulatory high-fives for a game well played.

As for listening strategies — that’s entirely up to you. Song then description, description then song, song then description then song… do whatever floats your boat.

I won’t spoil the game he has posted on his blog, but follow the link above and go play his game!  I am going to change the game a little, in my version I will post just one song.  Then the first person to listen to it will then post a comment with there 5 word description of my songs as well as a new song of there own.  Then the next person will listen and post a 5 word description of that new songs and there own new songs.  Our game will hopefully continue on into infinity. One added rule is that when you post a new song you need to also post a link to some public version of the song (I suggest YouTube for most) so that the next person can go listen to it in the case he or she hasn’t heard it before.   (Note: this a fun game, all descriptions should be in good nature, please no music bashing)

“Without further ado, let the battle commence!”

The first song will be Drive to Dallas by the Fiery Furnaces